Entodermoscopy_Scabies (Datasheet S002)


Macroscopic aspect

Fig. 01

Fig. 02


Dermoscopic aspect

Fig. 03
Fig. 05

Title: SCABIES                                                Author: GAETANO SCANNI





-Clinical description:

Scabies in 41 years old man.

After several days of itching, becouse the appearance of pustular manifestations in some parts of his body (hands, wrists, forearms and hips) patient decides to consult a dermatologist.

Primary source of contact was suspected a child hosted in the patient’s house whose itching had been diagnosed as “atopic dermatitis”.

Esternal examination: erythematous pustules comma like are found on thenar, wrists and elbows (Fig. 01-02).

Photo: Nikon P6000

-Dermoscopic description:

Fig. 03. A keratin raised ivory-colored formation (burrow) with a curved brown line closer to the extreme, is visible. Mild erythema and edema is around.

Fig 04. Another burrow shows small openings from which newly hatched larvae were exit. Mild erythema is around.

Fig 05. Under glass and oil, the burrow is very much evident as a white curved structure that ends with a brown "V" corresponding to the head of the mite. Along the course of burrow, some dark dots are observed probably related to feces. The two yellowish areas are pustules pressed by the plate of dermatoscope.






Fig. 03 Dermlite unpolarized (dry dermoscopy d-DS)
Fig. 04 Dermlite unpolarized (dry dermoscopy d-DS)
Fig. 05 Heine Delta 20 


-Glass faceplate & Interface medium:

Fig. 03-04 none.

Fig. 05 plate + oil (wet dermoscopy w-DS)



Fig. 03-04 Sony W70 (7 Mpx)

Fig. 05 Minolta G530 (5 Mpx)


-Magnification (dermoscope+zoom camera):

Fig. 03-04-05 (10x + 2x zoom)



owner instrument’s LED






-Date of the photo:


-Author/s name:

Gaetano Scanni



-Place of work:

Italy-Bari. Poliambulatorio DSS n°6 ASL Bari



-References linked:



OPS project (osservatorio parassitosi scolastiche) Asl Bari




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